Phil Taylor guest vocals and a couple new songs

This past weekend was a whirlwind of productivity!  My buddy Phil Taylor (from Future Leaders of the World/Machina) was going to be around upstate NY for a few weeks.  I asked if he’d be up for lending his vocals to a song for my upcoming CD.  I thought he’d sound great on “Status Quo”, so I sent him the tune and he dug it.  We spent the weekend recording and working on a couple new songs, too.  The guy’s got a really powerful voice, and I’m psyched about how great these tracks came out.  He sang the harmonies on Status Quo and came up with a few new parts of his own.  We worked pretty late into the night Saturday night and called it quits around 3 or so.

At around 11 Sunday I got up and listened back to the tracks we did the night before.  Stuff sounded great.  I picked up my guitar and was working out parts for a new song.  I had a verse and a chorus written and was trying out an idea for a bridge.  Phil woke up and came into the room and said “What was that you’re playing?  Play that again.”  I told him it was a bridge for a new song I was working on.  He told me he thought it’d make a good verse instead.  He then proceeded to sing a real cool vocal line over that, and a new song was born!  He picked up a guitar and came up with a prechorus and chorus pretty much on the spot.  He even had some of the first verse lyrics written within a few minutes.  We spent the afternoon finishing the lyrics together and arranging it, and then got to recording it.  We didn’t finish until just about 5:15am.  Phil’s vocals are done, and he wrote a guitar solo, too.  Now I’ve got to write a bass part, sing the harmonies, and add a few more guitar tracks to finish it up.


  1. I am so excited to hear this! Can’t wait for you to release the recording.

  2. Yes, this is absolutely fantastic news, so pleased for you and I also, cannot wait for the finished album:).
    You are really “well on he way” now:).

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