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Release Date:

December 18, 2012


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Track Listing:

1. So Long
2. Without You


So Long © 2012 Mike Grosshandler

Not five hours gone
My friend, I’m all alone
Late at night, I say so long
Can you hear my words?
One last song for you, my friend
I’ll see you once again
4am, hit and run
Who’d have thought one night could be so long?
Can you hear my words?
I try to be strong
I sang all night by your tree
But who will sing one last song for me?
Oh, the night is silent
Oh, the night is so long

Without You © 2012 Mike Grosshandler

And so again, tonight I lay
alone in bed, you’ve gone away
I think about the tastes and smells
I miss and wish that I could tell
you one more time that
everything would be fine
if you were lying
right here next to
me in the morning
I’m sure it’s true
As I lie here without you
So I prepare to sleep and dream
of lords and ladies in a stream
of consciousness, or maybe not
The original now forgot
So what is there now left for me?

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