Track Listing:

1. Washout
2. Sun
3. In Vain
4. Listen
5. I’ve Been Thinkin’
6. Lakeside
7. Nothing Better To Do
8. Corey’s Blanket
9. Silenced
10. Op Eng
11. Waste of Time
12. Veneer


Washout © 2003 Mike Grosshandler

Something’s changed, their lives aren’t the same
Bored of all the things they do every day
If only there was something new
some excitement would be nice
Anything than nothing else
than burning in the ice
Don’t wash out from my mind
I wanna see you one more time
Looking down, you see my face
Did you realize I’d be the one to take your place?
As they stare into open space, they realize that secret place
They haven’t been there since they were young
And they remember all the fun
All those times they spent at play
They must have been there every day
Let’s go back, they think inside
We’ll stay forever, we’ll just hide
If only they could stay so youthful, like in those days
The fun would just last forever, if there was just a way
Nothing’s how they remember; it’s been long forgotten
It used to be so easy to live
Now they long to be young

Sun © 2002 Mike Grosshandler and The Velmas

I recall how it felt the last time through
Terrible it was, my fears came true
But now this time, as I soar high above
another understands
She’s sad, I fear, my friend, my dear,
us both with empty hands
Every time I’m in the Sun
I can hear them crying, love
Every time I’m all alone
can you hear them falling low?
Twenty-two, an aged fool
Past and present minds, they duel
Airport, waiting and waiting for time to fly
Me, right here, my mouth is dry
Every time I’m all alone,
can you hear them falling, love?
Inside your mind, you lied
Every time I sail, every time I’m loth inside
Every time I sail, every time I’m lost inside
Every time I’m all alone,
can you hear them falling?

In Vain © 2003 Mike Grosshandler

Days passed on slowly
Days passed on slower still, my friend
And then I saw her
I’ll never see her face again
When you see me crying under skies of grey
You’ll know that the only purpose in this life is not to die in vain
Weeks went past slowly
Weeks went past slower still, my friend
And then I saw you
I never saw you til the end
The witching hour, oh how it’s come and how it’s passed
These precious nights, they’ve gone too fast
Too fast

Listen © 2003 Mike Grosshandler

Did you listen when I tried to explain?
Did you hear what you wanted to hear?
Then you try your voice
whisper, slowly sigh
Then you roll your eyes
shut down your mind
Hand me over the wheel
it’s no dream, this is real
You’re alive, enjoy the ride
My dreamscape explodes
live your life à la mode
It’s alright…
’til you come back down, crash into the ground
Not a sound as you fall from my sky
Tearing off your skin
that’s where I come in
We’ll begin with a song
You’ll sing along
The words don’t mean much
when I long for your touch
It’s my turn to crash and burn
Extinguish your flame on my face
put me into my place
then I’ll learn…
Shut down my mind
So numb, I can feel
if there’s pain, then it’s real
I’m alive, enjoyed your ride
My dreamscape implodes
as you walk out the door of my life.

I’ve Been Thinkin’ © 2003 Mike Grosshandler

I’ve been thinkin’, it’s not right
I love lucy in the sky
When I taste your kiss, I smile
I hope I’ll be here for a long, long time
I’ve been thinkin’ about your eyes
and the way they stared at mine
And I’d never want to, never want to die
And I wonder what’s on your mind
in the time since you were mine
I’ve been thinkin about you, girl
I’ve been thinking, the stars at night
well, there’s miss lucy up there, big and bright
Ayah oohoo…
My dancing girl, my porcelain doll
when will you come to see me?
Both day and night, I’m occupied
of us is what I’m dreaming

Lakeside © 2003 Mike Grosshandler

Nothing Better To Do © 2003 Mike Grosshandler

I’m alone tonight,
and I can’t imagine why
Vanilla bean is what I’m after
Suddenly, my mind is full of choices that I find
Guess it doesn’t really matter
Got nothing better to do than sit and dream of you
I didn’t even hear them leave
Got nothing better to do than sit and talk with you
I didn’t even hear them leave
With my callous mind
I witness sunsets so sublime
wishing there was something brighter
Can you help me find melody to ease my mind?
All this thinking makes me tired

Corey’s Blanket © 2003 Mike Grosshandler

Where have you gone? I need you
My broken arm, I’ll heal you
Sunny day as I sat Bestor Plaza
with my Takamine, my eyes upon her
I wanna lay down on Corey’s Blanket
I need to find somewhere that’s just like it
Dissolved her trust, release you
Obscured in dust, I see you
And when you find your nirvana
try not to be overwhelmed
Hold on tight as you’ll wanna
No one wants to say they’ve failed again
The break of dawn, asleep, you
You’ve never seen that place
I’ve been there
I’ll be there again

Silenced © 2003 & 1996 Mike Grosshandler

False dream castle resting on shallow air
Falls right down, falls because no one cares
Why go on when no one wants to hear me?
Live your separate life of joy
and I’ll keep on silently dreaming
Going down the same old path
Every time the same as the last
Going down, down, down…
You profess you’ll always care about me, what I do
That was then, and this is now, so why you prove untrue?
Packs of lies shoved down my throat, force feed me what you will
Live your separate life of joy, but send me to my quiet hell

Op Eng © 2003 Mike Grosshandler

Waste of Time © 2003 Mike Grosshandler

Going now, what’s done is done
All you need now is to run
If they look, they’ll never find
Who did the deed and who had the fun
Decisions have been made for all
Don’t give it a second thought
It’s all a waste of your worthless time
Caring’s for the weak, and I can’t walk
It’s born, it blooms, it grows, it dies
That’s the path life takes
So, take it or leave it, you can’t decide
Stop worrying, you can’t change fate
Limping around your world, hoping to heal
It’s still late, so no one’s here
You can’t think, you’re still empty inside
But it can’t happen cause life is real

Veneer (lyrics by Brian Vander Ark)

See The Verve Pipe

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