Hi, I’m Mike Grosshandler.  This is my website.  I use it to talk about stuff I find interesting, whether it’s my bands, solo projects, other musicians I may be working with, my iPhone, computers (both PC and Mac), tea, (very) amateur photography, or plain old randomness. 

I don’t feel complete unless I’m making music in some form, be it recording, writing, or performing.
I want my music to be part of the world’s life soundtrack.
I believe the only way to achieve a sort of immortality is through music.
I’d appreciate any help in spreading the word about my music, so please tell a friend?

On February 29, 2012, after over three years of work, I released my 3rd solo album: Blue Skies Black.  It was more than just acoustic guitars and vocals like I did on Scales and Wrote Myself

I produced and recorded most of the tracks myself, mostly in my home studio, performing nearly every instrument on the album. The album also features six different drummers, a live horn player, and guest vocals on a song by Phil Taylor (Future Leaders of the World, Machina).

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