Hi, I’m Mike Grosshandler.  This is my website.  I use it to talk about stuff I find interesting, whether it’s my bands (The Velmas or Above The Flood), my solo project (Blue Skies Black), other musicians I may be working with, my iPhone, computers (both PC and Mac), tea, (very) amateur photography, or plain old randomness.  Please feel free to comment and contribute!

The Blog page contains all my posts, while the News page only contains updates that are music-related somehow.

Want to know a little about my view on music?  I came up with this blurb years ago when setting up my MySpace page, and thought it came out well.  So rather than reinventing the wheel, here it goes:

I don’t feel complete unless I’m making music in some form, be it recording, writing, or performing.
I want my music to be part of the world’s life soundtrack.
I believe the only way to achieve a sort of immortality is through music.
I’d appreciate any help in spreading the word about my music, so please tell a friend?

On February 29, 2012, after over three years of work, I finally released my latest solo album, “Blue Skies Black”.  It’s more than just acoustic guitars and vocals this time around.  I produced and recorded most of the tracks myself, mostly in my home studio, performing nearly every instrument on the album. The album also features six different drummers, a live horn player, and guest vocals on a song by Phil Taylor (Future Leaders of the World, Machina).

Check out the first single from that album, the title track, Blue Skies Black:

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