Wrote Myself

Wrote Myself

Track Listing:

1. Now For A Then
2. Florida
3. Wait
4. Digestion
5. Emily’s Song (Forever With Me)
6. Wrote Myself
7. Couchside
8. Step Outside
9. Help Me
10. White Marble Floor
11. Flying
12. Benchy
13. Die With Me*


Now For A Then © 2004 Mike Grosshandler

How long will this have to last?
When is my time coming?
Won’t you help my hours pass?
While away in strumming…
These quiet moments, me and a pen
Let me save some now for a then
Exhausted body and my mind
Think of things I’ve left behind
Looking up to see what’s mine
Promises and token rhymes
Do me the favor and live for me now
so that I someday won’t have to bow
down to the pressure building within
All that I ask for is “please can I win?”

Florida © 2004 Mike Grosshandler

Here I am, complain again
Where are my good times
with whom and when?
Pitiful me, pitiful I
Alone on my bed, awake as I lie
Time is short and patience wanes
I need some closure promptly
Turn it up and pace the feign
Remember to tread lightly
More complex it grows by the hour
Wither, wilt, and die, like a flower
Journal, journal, on the page
Tell me how come must I age?
Burdens again find me of late
How much more can I fit on my plate?
Slowly balance one upon ten
Fall to the floor, and I start again…

Wait © 2004 Mike Grosshandler

Will you wait for me, my love?
Will you wait here, my dear?
Just a few things on my mind, so
Won’t you wait for me, my dear?
She sees the world in black and white
I wish it could be greyer
Wish I may, I wish I might
recite this little prayer
Here, I fall asleep diagonal
and enter in the ether
My mind is searching for the words to
calm, sedate, and please her
I see the world is black and white
I wish it could be greyer
Wish I may, I wish I might
recite this little prayer

Digestion © 2004 Mike Grosshandler

Mild bed-spins greet me here now
as I long to rest
Close the book, turn off the light switch
Dream of what was best
Nearly another month gone by
A disappointed look in my eye
Pseudoaltruistic efforts
Come support the circus
Witness us in all our glory
Never second guess us
Tired, soon, I will lie with me
and dream the dreams that lie to me
Another month gone by
Disappointed look in my eye

Emily’s Song (Forever With Me) © 2004 Mike Grosshandler
lyrics © 2003 Emily Goldman

Calling out to you, waiting for a reply
that I know will never come
All these crystal tears, filled with
memories, love and trust
Nights and days pass me by as you left me here
imprisoned in a memory, lost forever
I can no longer feel the ground below me
I can no longer see the world around me
My mind is numb, my heart is the only feeling
and it is overflowing with my love for you
And all I can do is sleep to pass the time
and this pain that stings me still
I know nothing anymore
yet this rain and my surroundings
tell me you are here
forever with me

Wrote Myself © 2004 Mike Grosshandler

Think ahead to the next day
expecting greater things
Fed up with an average life
this caged bird will sing
Yesterday has come and passed
still looking for something
When I find it, I will know
I can stop looking
Patiently await the next
another revelation
Wishing I could write another
Sun or Listen
Sadly, I’m unable to,
I find myself remiss, and
Bogged deep down in nothing short
of vast uninspiration
Wrote myself a little note
Open mind, I cleared my throat
Please remember not to render
all I’ve worked for into smoke

Couchside © 2004 Mike Grosshandler

Step Outside © 2004 Mike Grosshandler

It was a nice day today, I hear
I didn’t step outside today, I fear
Fading tan, my face is paler
Pasty white, my summer’s failure
Early morning lonely drive home from the bar
Sun is rising, bright horizon in my car
Stay awake a little longer
Poems come when you are warmer
Shades of yellows light the darkness
Creeping from the bottom witnessed
Blues from blacks, the stars are hiding
New day dawning, eyes are fighting
The rain outside, like a warm applause
Claps of thunder through closed doors
Lonely night, my empty bed
Sleep comes soon, pretend i’m dead
While tonight, the meteors fly
Wish that we could see outside
But I am here and she is there
She and I aren’t “we”, I swear
Onward, upward time to soar, I
Need to see a sight for sore eyes…

Help Me © 2004 Mike Grosshandler
lyrics © Andrew Wasileski

Why am I here?
Why can’t you hear what I’m telling you
what I’m going through – pain
Running through the rain
Nowhere to hide without you by my side
Help me, will you please try to help me?
Why do you tease me?
Cry… how can I find
the answers in your mind?
Been searching all day
but can’t find my way out
Trying to shout
Can’t you hear me? I’m trying to see

White Marble Floor © 2004 & 1996 Mike Grosshandler

I woke up from my dream,
clouds still in my head
I dreamt the whole world burnt
Every last one left for dead
The only one left, not to be the worst
The heat was everywhere
I died from the thirst
You don’t know why
You don’t know where
You don’t know much
You don’t care
Running ’round in circles
never getting lost
Haven’t found another soul
Not one have I crossed
It’s getting kind of lonely
without something else to do
Need to find what I’m looking for
what I need is you

Flying © 2004 & 1996 Mike Grosshandler

Couldn’t feel happier than I feel right now
flying high above the ground
All my troubles look so small
I’m flying to get away from it all
Up so high where no one sees
This serenity no one can seize
All alone with just my thoughts
Time to think of wars I’ve fought
Floating with the breeze
Floating, floating through the trees
I feel so light, feel so free
Don’t you wish you felt like me?
It’s not every day I feel so great
but I guess you can’t relate
Nothing can get me down
I still want to fly around
I’m having fun on this trip
as my mental state starts to slip
I’ve had too much, everything is black
but it’s too late, I can’t go back

Benchy © 2004 Mike Grosshandler

Die With Me (lyrics by Peter Steele)

See Type O Negative

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