Finally have the drums all recorded

Went back down to Chris Fisher’s studio in Coxsackie on Sunday, this time to track drums with John Brodeur for the last two songs for this album.  I always enjoyed John’s songwriting and singing with his various bands (The Suggestions, Maggie Mayday, Hector On Stilts, Five Alpha Beatdown, etc.), but then I found out he plays drums too, and quite well at that!  Somehow with his playing in about 900 bands, he was up for helping me out with a couple tunes on drums.  We had one quick rehearsal this fall to go over the two songs he played on – “The Words” and “Everything’s Fine”.  After finally getting our schedules to line up again, all of the drum tracks for my CD are now recorded.

We were a little bit late to start the session.  Who wants to get up early on a Sunday, right?  But just as we finished setting up the mics and getting sounds, the power went out.  Just like that.  I guess a transformer down the street blew.  Luckily, Chris had just saved the settings before we lost juice.  We waited around a little bit, hoping it would come back on soon.  A while later, he went out to the garage and came back with a generator.  The session was saved!  Or so we thought.  All that gear draws a lot of power, and apparently 5000 watts wasn’t quite enough.  So we tried shutting off all the unessential pieces, but it still wasn’t quite cutting it.  Chris had another backup plan though; he had another generator he could borrow.  He set that one up, and we were good to go.  I forget the exact timeline, but it seemed like just as we got settled in with that, the power came back on.  Gotta love it.

This is a big landmark in recording this solo project.  Now the only person I’m waiting on is myself.  The pressure is on!  I’ve got to comp these 2 new songs of drums, then record 3 more songs on bass, and then I begin guitars.

And I still haven’t decided whether or not to throw in a cover tune to complicate matters more…

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