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Blue Skies Black Review from Middle Tennessee Music

October 4, 2012

I just read a great new review of Blue Skies Black, thanks to Jedi Bret at Middle Tennessee Music! I’m floored by the kind words, so huge thanks to Bret for taking the time to listen to my music and write this! http://www.midtnmusic.com/blue-skies-black-mike-grosshandler/ Here’s an excerpt to wet your whistle: “Grosshandler’s musicianship is excellent, and […]

What’s new?

October 21, 2009

I was making good progress, recording at a (relatively) good pace through the end of the summer. Vocals are done for 7 of the 12 songs, and that’s more than half. But then it went and got cooler outside and I went and caught a cold. I don’t think it was the pig flu or […]

Guitars, guitars, and more guitars. And computers.

May 16, 2009

Over the last two weeks, I’ve recorded the guitars for just about half the songs for the new album.  It’s quite the process.  I’d done fairly fully-fleshed out demos for most of these songs, and so started out the “real” versions by importing the demo parts as a road map once the drums were tracked.  […]

Phil Taylor guest vocals and a couple new songs

January 12, 2009

This past weekend was a whirlwind of productivity!  My buddy Phil Taylor (from Future Leaders of the World/Machina) was going to be around upstate NY for a few weeks.  I asked if he’d be up for lending his vocals to a song for my upcoming CD.  I thought he’d sound great on “Status Quo”, so […]


December 24, 2008

Got bass done on Without You last night, after much frustration with Pro Tools.  To start out, I went to grab the bass track from my demo session, as I’ve been doing, to import it into the new session as a guide to play along with so I would know how I wanted the part […]

And another

December 23, 2008

Got bass done on “Status Quo” last night.  That’s 8 bass tracks done now.  With any luck I’ll get the other two done this week. I’d always “heard” and expected to have a guitar solo in this song, so I left a “space” in the song for one all along while demoing it.  I spent […]

One down, too many to go

August 25, 2008

On vacation (“holiday” for you crazy Brits and Canadians out there) 2 weeks ago out in Chautauqua, I was able to write 4 new songs.  Just the music, no lyrics just yet, though I’ve at least got vocal melodies figured out for most of them. That’s easily one of my favorite things to do in […]

“Blue Skies Black” posted on myspace

July 24, 2008

so, i decided to lay it all out there and show people what i’ve been talking about all this time. i’ve uploaded to myspace one of the new songs that will be on my upcoming solo cd. it’s called “blue skies black”. this is just the demo that i recorded in my home bedroom studio, […]

new song

June 7, 2008

i wrote a song on the BNL/Guster cruise in 2006. i was influenced by some of the new sounds i’d heard on the ship. i wasn’t much of a BNL fan before that cruise (we went mostly for guster, and the caribbean, and they won me over), so i heard a lot of new music […]

Caught up on that song

May 6, 2008

I spent a few hours this weekend re-recording the missing parts from that song “So Long”. I do quite like this song. So, now I’m back to where I was before with it, and I also have the new harmony ideas recorded. Cool. The song was inspired by an awful article I read last year […]