Blue Skies Black Review from Middle Tennessee Music

I just read a great new review of Blue Skies Black, thanks to Jedi Bret at Middle Tennessee Music! I’m floored by the kind words, so huge thanks to Bret for taking the time to listen to my music and write this!

Here’s an excerpt to wet your whistle:

“Grosshandler’s musicianship is excellent, and with some of the arrangements, it would have to be. I can hear the influence of great bands and writers of several decades. Everything from Paul and George from The Beatles to some of the great harmonies of bands like Yes, grungy guitars and layers reminiscent of STP, and maybe a little Green Day. I’m thinking the track “Drops” is my favorite, I love the simplicity of the intro, and the clean feel of the strings.”

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  1. Thanks a bundle for the tracks, Mike! Be sure to keep us posted with your latest. Still rockin it!

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