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Blue Skies Black reviewed by Paragon Magazine

November 27, 2012

A great new review of Blue Skies Black  is up on Paragon Music Magazine! Excerpt: “Blue Skies Black is different from Mike’s previous solo offerings, as it’s the first to incorporate electric guitars as well as many other layers of instruments not previously heard on his acoustic solo albums. The album leads off the with […]

Blue Skies Black Review from Middle Tennessee Music

October 4, 2012

I just read a great new review of Blue Skies Black, thanks to Jedi Bret at Middle Tennessee Music! I’m floored by the kind words, so huge thanks to Bret for taking the time to listen to my music and write this! http://www.midtnmusic.com/blue-skies-black-mike-grosshandler/ Here’s an excerpt to wet your whistle: “Grosshandler’s musicianship is excellent, and […]

Blue Skies Black review

September 7, 2012

Love it when someone really gets it. Check out a great “4 1/2” star review of Blue Skies Black! Excerpt: “Grosshandler’s song writing is masterful and introspective, letting the wall crash down and giving one a look inside the feelings and thoughts of an artist who is seeking out the answers to his own path. […]