Random million dollar thought

So, the earth is warming, ocean levels will rise, and all that, right?  Here’s a couple of solutions I just came up with:

1.  Figure out a way to beam excess water into space

Step 1:  Vaporize Water (taking care not to vaporize fish, etc.)
Step 2:  ????
Step 3:  Profit! Save the world!

Maybe that space elevator would be up to the task?  Something with “lasers” sounds viable, too.

2.  Figure out a way to sink excess water further into earth’s core/crust/mantle/whatever.

Step 1: Drill a really big hole or two
Step 2:  ????
Step 3:  Pr Save the world!

Easy enough, right?  I’ll let the think tanks come up with the all-important Step 2 for those suggestions.  You can all thank me later for saving the planet.

Let’s hear your solutions!

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  1. yeah. like in Space Balls when they use the vacuum cleaner to suck out the air. just do that with h2o instead. booyah. problem solved. lunch break anyone?

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