“Bass”-ically getting stuff done

So it was a snowy weekend in Albany.  I think we got nearly a foot and a half over the last 3 days.  Not good for stuff like playing shows (The Velmas had to cancel our show on Friday), but great for stuff like staying home and recording, luckily.

Also lucky was the fact that my cold is all but a lingering cough now, so I actually felt up to doing something, as opposed to the last 2 weeks when I didn’t feel like doing much of anything.  Net result?  3 more songs’ worth of bass guitar tracks are done.  That’s 7 now.  I’ve got some fixes to make in a couple of them, but at least they’re recorded.  It’s easy to find a few minutes here and there to edit audio, but it’s harder to find big blocks of time to record an entire song in one sitting.

There are still two more songs I need to track drums for, but I have finally booked studio time for that, at least.  So by mid-January, I should be able to close that chapter.

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