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Random million dollar thought

December 16, 2008

So, the earth is warming, ocean levels will rise, and all that, right?  Here’s a couple of solutions I just came up with: 1.  Figure out a way to beam excess water into space Step 1:  Vaporize Water (taking care not to vaporize fish, etc.) Step 2:  ???? Step 3:  Profit! Save the world! Maybe […]

ant worm

July 24, 2008

so, similar to (but totally different than) that hawk eating a squirrel i saw a couple weeks ago, i came across these ants swarming a stranded worm on the walk up to my house today. this time i had my good camera. there are 4 more pics on my flickr page, if this is your […]

a hawk!

July 2, 2008

…i think, or maybe an eagle?  i think a hawk.  i saw this on the ualbany campus a few minutes ago.  i used the only camera on me – my phone – and took a few shots.  i thought it was pretty neat. this is a cropped version.  i took 3 other shots, but i […]