Four More Drum Tracks!

This is quite exciting.  I’ve now got all but two songs’ drum tracks recorded for the new album.  I went back down to Easter Island Studios in Coxsackie, NY (what a great town name!) on Sunday.  Rick Little (the drummer for Split 2nd Alibi) played on “Drive Me”, “Status Quo”, and “Without You”.  Chris Fisher (from Conehead Buddha and Brian Kaplan Band) pulled double duty, both engineering the session and also playing drums on “Sometimes”.  They both laid down some really great takes, and we got some really great sounds.  (Really.)

With Chris’ help, even though we kept 3-5 takes per song, I did leave the studio with one “good” take already established for each song.  Once we were sure a take was most likely gonna be the “keeper”, we concentrated on punching in when needed on that take right there on the spot.  That’ll save me a lot of time (and sanity) as I start mixing and working with these sessions down the road.

One drummer and two songs to go!  Still haven’t been able to get our schedules to line up to rehearse, but that’ll happen soon I hope.

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