Thoughts on recording guitar

So, I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m gonna do the guitars for this here thing.  Ideally, I’d record a mic’d up amp for all the guitars.  Unfortunately, that also means having space for an amp and a mic stand to be set up for an extended period of time for consistent sounds between takes (which might be days or weeks apart at this rate!).  I don’t really have all that much space here in my little home studio, sadly.

I’ve been using Amplitube for my demos, and the sounds I’ve been getting are actually pretty decent.  I really love the flexibility that using an amp emulator gives.  You can record the guitar part now, and deal with the tone/sound later.  And no worrying that someone (or some cat, in my case) will move the mic between takes and change the sound on you.  But I’m still not 100% convinced that the tones possible through software are quite as good/believable as a nice tube amp and a 57.

I did recently see that Motley Crue’s whole new album was recorded with Eleven, a new guitar emulator from Digi, so that makes me think I could go that route…  I’d like to avoid having to re-re-record the guitars (having already recorded them once for the demos), but I might have to try it out on a song or two and see how it works with the real drums.

Anyone have any thoughts/recommendations?  Amplitube?  Amp Farm?  Eleven?  Guitar Rig?  Something else?


  1. It sounds like an emulator is your best bet.

    Why don’t you download demos of Eleven and Guitar Rig, and then compare them to Amplitube. You can always bounce the tracks so that you can compare the sounds after the demo expires.


  2. Yeah, I should do that. I was hoping to avoid having to do that. 🙂

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