This is not good.

For those of you wondering why I haven’t posted about my progress on the new album lately…  I decided to get a new computer recently.  The one I had was pretty fast, but not quite powerful enough to do everything I wanted to do on my songs.  So I got a newer, faster one.

I’m not sure what happened exactly, but at some point the other day, it died.  I was installing photoshop, and it died. Something about the MBR.  Not only did Windows crap the bed, but it somehow took out my data drive.  What’s that mean?   It means that the work I’ve been doing on my album since early February is apparently *gone*.  Early Feb. was the last time I made a backup of my files, like an idiot.

Luckily, I hadn’t done any new recording the last few weeks; I’d just been consolidating my demo guitar/vocal/keyboard tracks and adding those to the “real” sessions so I’d have a roadmap to finish it more quickly.   But now it looks like I’ll have to do all of that over again, unless one of these data recovery programs I’m finding online can help me fix this.  I really hope I’d finished all the bass guitar tracks before that last backup… Oh boy.

I also lost 2 new Hairband Fistfight episodes that I hadn’t yet edited or backed up.  And I just formatted my camera’s memory card like 3 days ago, so there goes that thought.

Current mood: morose

*edited to add*

Ok, so a lot can happen in 4 hours.  In the most recent 4 hours since I posted this depressing entry, I found a few data recovery programs online, and one in particular (the 3rd one I tried) seems to actually be working and is recovering everything I needed!  This is absolutely amazing.  “GetDataBack for NTFS” saved my sanity.

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