Back in the saddle

I finally got my Pro Tools setup stable on the new computer and got some work done on the solo album over the last couple of days.  I decided to start with the guitars in “Everything’s Fine”.  I re-recorded over the imported demo tracks (which were time-shifted as I imported them to fit the song’s new tempo) and added another track to beef it up a bit.

Multitasking as ever, between takes I watched an interview with Butch Vig where he showed some of the techniques that went into recording Nirvana’s Nevermind.  I’d been meaning to find that stuff for a long time and it was awesome to hear some of the tracks from that album soloed to hear the pieces that came together to make that amazing album.  I’d also love to find out more details like how they mic’d up the guitars, what settings they used, etc., but who knows if that’s available…

(As a side note, it’s really hard to explain the feeling I get when I hear that stuff from Nevermind…  “Amazing ” doesn’t even come close.  I think this tweet was well-phrased:

this must be what it feels like to go to church for some people:

It’s definitely a natural high that’s hard to reproduce otherwise.  Nearly 20 years later, that music hasn’t lost any of its effect on me.)

Anyway, after watching that, I listened again to the guitars I’d recorded so far for Everything’s Fine (even though the song is nothing like Drain You, but still), and decided I needed to add some more guitar tracks.  So I might add one or two more to see how that sounds.  The more the merrier!

After that, next up is to redo the lead slide guitar stuff I did. That’ll be a bit harder as I haven’t touched my slide since I recorded these demos and I’ll have to re-learn the parts as I go.  But it’s coming together finally and it’s a real relief to be making progress again.  Maybe I’ll shoot some video of me doing the slide stuff so you guys can hear a little bit of this tune I’m talking about.

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