Got bass done on Without You last night, after much frustration with Pro Tools.  To start out, I went to grab the bass track from my demo session, as I’ve been doing, to import it into the new session as a guide to play along with so I would know how I wanted the part to go.

I’d changed the tempo from the demos to the final versions in most of the other songs, but realized that for this song, the demo was at the same tempo.  That’s good, since that meant I’d be able to import more tracks from the demo to use as a guide (without having to time-shift them to fit).

However, when I went to import the demo’s vocals and guitars, I noticed that the lead vocal and some of the harmony tracks were missing.  In the grand scheme of things, that’s not a big deal since I was going to redo them anyway, but it was annoying since I enjoy listening to the songs in progress and they sound better with more stuff going on than just drums and bass.

I even went to my two backup drives to see if the missing audio files were there, but no luck.  I must have lost them before I did the backups.

So, having once again experienced random file loss in old PT sessions, I’ve renewed my pledge to make sure I have sufficient backups.  What a pain.


  1. I just confirmed via the Digidesign website that Pro Tools is available for the Mac.
    I think you should consider making the switch.
    We can plug your backup drives into my machine to see if the files are readable, if not, we can convert them and then you will be set.

    Possibly your aforementioned annoying scenario would not have been prevented, but overall for the types of technical activities you enjoy doing, I believe you would be noticeably happier doing them on a Mac.

    Merrrrrry Christmas to you and Dithers!

  2. haha! You do realize the missing files had nothing to do with the OS, just likely sloppy file management by yours truly. I’ve worked on Macs before, and I never really liked it very much. Nothing’s where it should be! Stop drinking the kool-aid and work on whatever OS you’re comfortable with. That’s pretty much all that matters, if it works for what you want to do. XP, Vista, Linux, Mac, whatever. They’re just tools to help you get things done. I personally like Vista currently. 🙂

    Not to mention I got a computer with tons of horsepower, memory, and storage for a fraction of the cost that I would have paid had I “gone Mac”. You can buy a quad-core PC these days with like 6GB of ram for under $800. To get a Mac like that you’ll easily spend 3x that.

    That being said, the iPhone rules. Apple did get that right, at least. Now if they’d just double the storage, speed up the processor, quadruple the battery life, improve the camera, uhh and a few other things, it’d be nearly perfect!

    Happy holidays to you, too!

  3. Well stated.
    I often find myself subconsciously pushing items/brands I really enjoy onto friends.


  4. Hey, no problem, I do the same thing myself quite often!

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