Entries from December 2008

Zero KB

December 29, 2008

For a couple weeks now at least, my iPhone has been reporting “Zero KB” free space.  At first I thought I’d just filled the sucker up, but then after removing a few unused apps, some old Strong Bad Email podcasts, and a few albums, and still seeing “Zero KB”, I realized something was amiss.  For […]


December 24, 2008

Got bass done on Without You last night, after much frustration with Pro Tools.  To start out, I went to grab the bass track from my demo session, as I’ve been doing, to import it into the new session as a guide to play along with so I would know how I wanted the part […]

And another

December 23, 2008

Got bass done on “Status Quo” last night.  That’s 8 bass tracks done now.  With any luck I’ll get the other two done this week. I’d always “heard” and expected to have a guitar solo in this song, so I left a “space” in the song for one all along while demoing it.  I spent […]

“Bass”-ically getting stuff done

December 22, 2008

So it was a snowy weekend in Albany.  I think we got nearly a foot and a half over the last 3 days.  Not good for stuff like playing shows (The Velmas had to cancel our show on Friday), but great for stuff like staying home and recording, luckily. Also lucky was the fact that […]

Random million dollar thought

December 16, 2008

So, the earth is warming, ocean levels will rise, and all that, right?  Here’s a couple of solutions I just came up with: 1.  Figure out a way to beam excess water into space Step 1:  Vaporize Water (taking care not to vaporize fish, etc.) Step 2:  ???? Step 3:  Profit! Save the world! Maybe […]

More progress and Twitter

December 9, 2008

As of today, the 10 drum tracks I’ve got recorded so far are all comped and the songs are ready for more tracking.  Still waiting on one more drummer to track the last 2 songs, though.  But at least I can start on the bass guitar parts in earnest now, since the drum parts under […]