Lots to do

I finally got a chance last night to go through the drum sessions from NYC the other week and give them a listen.  When we were at the studio, we kept between 3 and 6 takes for each song.  For some songs, we tried a couple different tempos, and for others, Mike or Tom played a section here or there slightly differently, and I didn’t want to spend the time figuring out which version was better (studio time ain’t cheap!), so we just kept them all.  Now I’m starting to really wish I’d made some notes that day.  It’s pretty daunting to work through each song to try to find the “best” takes or sections of takes.  So I decided to just pick a song and start with that one.  Gotta break the big problem down into parts to get through it, right?  So I began on “Fish in the Sea” first. I also started mixing the drums and got a decent-sounding drum mix to start out with.

Of course, before I went to bed, I decided to schedule a chkdsk on each of my computer’s hard drives, just since I haven’t done that in a while and I’ve been moving a lot of files around.  There are 3 drives that I’m using, all said, and they total about 2TB combined.  That’s about 2000GB, for the uninitiated.  It’s been running about 20 hours, and it’s still not done yet.  That’s insane.  I wanted to work on the song more tonight, but it’s not looking good at this point…  And I just read that it’s bad to stop the chkdsk while it’s running, lest data corruption occur.  So it looks like there won’t be much done tonight after all!


*EDIT* – The chkdsk took about 30 hours, all said.  I think the problem was that I had my 1TB drive hooked up via USB2.0 instead of eSATA.  Too bad you can’t “remove hardware” on eSATA!

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