iTunes 8, I think I’m turning Japanese?

So, I just upgraded to iTunes 8, and when I plugged in my iPhone afterward, the normal “AutoPlay” popup popped up…  Except with a bunch of crazy Asian characters in the device name that I’m assuming are Japanese, but who knows?  What’s up with that?


iphone autoplay pop with asian text?


  1. haha!
    your last post about that app was great.
    I can’t believe you don’t use macs

  2. thanks, seth! i am not a big fan of macs, to be honest; i way prefer windows! (hey, if you liked the last post, please Digg it?)

  3. Yeah, I just but an Iphone and mine does the same thing when I plug it in but if I unplug and plug it back in its normal..IDK…someone HELP.

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