First drum tracks done!

For those keeping track (i.e. me), I’ve now rehearsed with four drummers for my new CD.  The newest addition is the multi-talented Melanie Krahmer from Sirsy.  She’s helping me out with drums on the song “Florida”.  You might recall that as one of the tracks on my second acoustic demo CD “Wrote Myself“.  Now I’m finally going to give that song its proper dues. (If you haven’t heard the acoustic version before, it’s up on my myspace page and iTunes.)

So, last night we both rehearsed and recorded the drum tracks for “Florida” in her home studio.  Melanie was always the singer and flautist for Sirsy, but recently has taken on drumming as well for the group.  And impressively enough, she’s also quite the drummer!  So I was psyched when she said she’d be interested in playing on a tune for me.

Unlike the other songs I’ll be doing for this project, I didn’t put together a full demo with drums, bass, guitars, etc. beforehand.  Since I already had the acoustic demo, I just gave that to Melanie to learn the song and let her come up with a drum part.  I quite like the groove she gave it.  So now I can come up with the bass part (and whatever other stuff I decide to throw in this song) right in the “real” version, which will be nice.  I hate redoing work more than almost anything…

I’ve got studio time booked in NYC in early September to do drums with Maenza and Sposato, too.  Progress!

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  1. Great to hear things went more than fine for you.
    Yes, this is album is now really progressing and i just can’t wait for it to be finished:).
    September is not far away so good luck for then also. Not that you need it:).
    Start thinking of a Title for the new album:)).

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