so, this is the new year…

we headed over to fig’s house for our new year’s eve festivities. fig got a Wii this year. i’d never played with that before, and it was awesome! i kicked fig’s butt in wii bowling, though his sister (who also never played before) kicked both of ours, while her 6 year old son (who has played before) kicked all of ours. go figure. we also got a good workout in with wii boxing and did a few holes of wii golf. good stuff. fig had made us “wii me’s” before we got there (or whatever they’re called). ours were pretty good, but i’ve got to get a picture of his alongside a picture of him – it was amazingly and startlingly accurate.

by like 11pm or so, we’d switched off the gaming and started watching dick clark’s special. or ryan seacrest’s special, really. how depressing is it watching ol’ dick, anyway? the poor guy is up there like a puppet going through the motions… and while part of you feels “good for him!” for forging on, you also partly feel “wow, that’s really sad” for what he’s lost. and that sort of mixed-emotion soup isn’t the way to start a new year now, is it?

i also discovered i’d missed a lot of pop culture stuff in the last year not watching tv. well, not really “missed”, because wow, it’s mostly pretty bad, but stuff has happened and i’ve been blissfully unaware. apparently there’s this hip hop dude who calls himself “Flo Rida”. and it’s pronounced like the tater tot company, not the state. make a note of that. that’s just… strange. i feel somehow less intelligent because i know of this guy now. and that “perez hilton” guy? he’s not just an obscure internet guy like i thought, but he’s somehow legitimately famous now?

well, it’s 2008, and that means it’s time for me to send out the “i know what we did last year” velmas newsletter. i’d better figure out what exactly we did, and get on that.

edited to add:

here are those wii miis!  mine’s decent, dreadlocks aside, but how lifelike is fig’s??


  1. Naming your blog post after a Death Cab lyric? I didn’t know you had it in you. 🙂

  2. hey i kinda like those guys. they sound like jimmy eat world and weezer most of the time. 🙂

  3. Hey, I really like Jimmy Eat World AND Weezer. Maybe I should listen.

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