For a good audio recording app…

by mike ~ August 17, 2008

I’m hoping someone will write a really good (free) audio recording app… I’m sure it can be done.  I tried a few free apps, including VoiceNotes, but none of them were quite up to snuff.  When I’m trying to record a new song idea, or something at a rehearsal, being limited to 2 minutes at a time is just useless.

I’ve been using EccoNote, and it’s fairly decent.  You can record up to your phone’s available memory, and the sound quality is excellent, but there’s no way to pause or seek during playback of a note, or even to see the length of the note.  If you want to stop playback of a note, you have to exit the program completely.  I wish it’d let me access the recordings in windows directly, or even via iTunes.  (Why can we access the “camera roll” photos on the phone directly in Windows, but nothing else?  That’s really lame.)  To get the recordings off the phone, I had to run an 1/8″ cable out of the headphone jack to my computer to re-record the audio there.  Better than nothing, but a mild pain in the ass.

I’d also love to have a built-in in-place overdub function too, but that might be asking too much.  It’d be awesome to be able to record an idea, like a guitar part, for example, and then while playing it back, be able to add more to it, like a vocal, in place all at once.  With at least one level of undo.  🙂  Some day…

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