Sweet iPhone app: Simplify Media

So I found this iPhone app called Simplify Media.  It’s awesome.  Now, even though my phone only holds 16gb of stuff, I can play over the air any song I want to hear from my computer at home.  Granted, the audio quality isn’t quite as good as having the MP3 right there, and there’s a small delay as it buffers before playing, but the sound quality is comparable to maybe a mild-strength FM station perhaps, at least over the Edge network*.  I haven’t tried it over 3G yet; maybe it’s better there?  But it basically grabs a listing of files available on your PC (you can choose which folders), and makes them available to play on your phone, on demand.  Genius.  No more wishing I just had “that other song” with me.  I’ve now got almost 10,000 more songs at my fingertips.

I guess you can also use it to share your library with others, though I haven’t tried that out just yet.

It was a free download for me, since I was one of the first 100,000 people to get it…   I still haven’t yet found a need to actually purchase any apps; the free ones are pretty good so far.  But this is the sort of app that I might actually have bought, as it’s that useful.

*[Edit:  There is most definitely much better sound when streaming over Wifi or 3G as opposed to Edge, and almost no delay before the song starts playing.  Awesome.]


  1. Simplify. It’s called Simplify Media.

  2. Good catch, thanks! That was a long day…

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