Entries from December 2012

Now available: “Solo Acoustic on CRUMBS Cafe”

December 16, 2012

Need some new music? Check out these two solo acoustic tracks from my interview with CRUMBS Cafe (www.crumbs.net)! “So Long” is a brand new song, never before released, while “Without You” is a stripped-down arrangement of the final track from Blue Skies Black. Tell a friend? http://mikegrosshandler.bandcamp.com/album/solo-acoustic-on-crumbs-cafe    

New song: Sometimes

December 9, 2012

I posted another song up on SoundCloud – “Sometimes”. It’s the eighth track on my newest solo album, Blue Skies Black. It’s an introspective song. Drums on this one performed by the awesome Chris Fisher. If you like the tune, please consider buying the song/album and please tell your friends about it!