Some more drums comped and another bass track

Over the last few days, I’ve been putting together some more of the final drum comps so I can get to work on the bass guitar, and then the rest of the instruments for those songs.  Since we kept 3 or 4 full runs through each song, I had a lot of options, which is good, but also a bit overwhelming.

A few of the songs had one complete take that was just what I wanted, while a few others had parts of different takes that I liked.  So I’ve been going through those songs section by section (and sometimes fill by fill), picking and choosing my favorite parts and building the “final” drum arrangements.

“Too Many Reasons” was pretty much good as is, so I laid down the bass guitar for that on Saturday.  That was the other song (besides “Florida”) for which I hadn’t done a “full” demo beforehand, so I spent some time playing around trying to come up with a good bass line for it.  That’s the fun stuff for me, coming up with the arrangement and working out guitar parts and all that.  For the other songs, it’s gonna be more of a paint-by-numbers, since I did a lot of the exploration already in the demos along the way.  But maybe I’ll change up some things as I go, too.

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