Worthless iPhone case!

So this morning is cold and rainy.  I was running in from my car, and out from my hoodie pocket tumbles… yep, my iPhone.

Now, when I got my phone back in July, I made sure to pick up a good case for it, since I’m prone to dropping my phones.  I had an Incase case for my last phone (a vx8300), and it was great.  It did its job of protecting the phone when it fell from my hands, off my desk, out of my car, wherever.

However, this time around, the story is different.  When I got the case, I was a bit wary that it left the top corners of the phone exposed, but figured that most of the phone is still protected at least. What were the odds that of all the ways a phone can fall, it’d fall on its two Achilles Heels?  Every time.

I don’t yet have a photo of the damage done to my phone, but I’ll get that up later today.  Suffice it to say for now that there are two relatively large gouges on each exposed section.  Perhaps that end of the phone is slightly heavier, minutely toying with the likelihoods. The phone still works just fine, but looks worse for the wear.  Luckily, the camera area wasn’t affected.  The funny thing is that the bottom corners of the case don’t seem to have even touched the ground.  It’s not that the case protected it, it’s just that the phone doesn’t even seem to ever fall on that side!  (Though I guess it did protect a little, since the phone also skidded across the wet concrete after the fall, and the back would have been torn up quite a bit from that.  But still.)

I’m now in the market for a new case.  I otherwise like the form and materials in the Incase case, but there’s no good reason why they couldn’t have extended the material another centimeter or so.  Any suggestions?

*Edit*  I posted photos of the damage here.