more candy machine woes

the last time this happened, i wound up spending $3 on 2 twix bars.  this time it wasn’t as bad, only $2 for 2 packs of twizzlers, but still.  would it kill the candy-machine-stocking people to load the goodies more carefully?  or is it more sinister than that?  perhaps there’s a training class on maximizing vends.  i can see it now…

“Okay class, you’ve done well and you’re almost ready to head out into the world stocking candy machines.  But there is one last lesson you must learn.”

The class leans in, eagerly…

The professor continues, “If there is any way to place the candy into the machine in such a manner that one payment won’t allow it to be vended, you must find it.  This is imperative.”

somewhere, the candy gods are laughing at me

somewhere, the candy gods are laughing at me


  1. they aren’t the only ones laughing at you…

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