i wants me candy!

by mike ~ February 29, 2008

so, i make a point of not buying that much candy. but i do love it. so i just made an exception and gave in to the urge and went to get some twix from a vending machine. mmm twix. so, i paid the $1 (!) for my small bit of chocolaty and caramelly (?) goodness.

the machine spins. my mouth waters in anticipation of sweet sweetness. then, the machine’s forsaken spiral thing Stops spinning, leaving my twix dangling in front of me. teasing me.

i pause. is it worth $2 to get that bar and the next? sure it is. so another hard-earned dollar later, the machine does its thing. my first bar drops, and i wait anxiously for the next to fall. no such luck.

further soul-searching ensues. how far do i take this wicked game? i decide one more dollar, that’s how far.

this evil repeats itself. so now i’ve just paid $3 for 2 twix bars, and some lucky person might or might not get a free bar later today. i’m betting they won’t, though.  i knew i should have gotten swedish fish.

stuck twix

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  1. mikegrosshandler.com » more candy machine woes Says:

    […] the last time this happened, i wound up spending $3 on 2 twix bars.  this time it wasn’t as bad, only $2 for 2 packs of twizzlers, but still.  would it kill the candy-machine-stocking people to load the goodies more carefully?  or is it more sinister than that?  perhaps there’s a training class on maximizing vends.  i can see it now… […]

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