If it doesn’t exist in 3 places, it might as well not exist at all

So I have a ton of new songs I’ve been working on, recording demos as inspiration strikes and when I have free time.  Last night I thought of a vocal harmony for one of them (“so long” is the title).  So I brought up the Pro Tools session to record it.  To my horror, the lead vocal and the bass guitar tracks were nowhere to be found!  PT couldn’t find them, and I couldn’t find them anywhere on my backup drive.  Of course, I’d just refreshed my backup drive a couple weeks ago, so I probably overwrote the intact session when I did that, like an idiot.

The worst part is I don’t know what caused this.  PT is set to record only to one disk, so it’s not like the files were put in the wrong place.  At least I’d bounced the session to disk, so I have what I recorded as a final mix to reference.  But I hate redoing work.  I will be storing PT backups on two backup disks from now on.

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