New Release: John Armstrong Regan – “Ten for Ten”

A little over two years ago, my friend John told me about an album he wanted to record. He was writing ten songs for his wife, Danielle, and wanted me to help him record them as an anniversary gift. I thought it was a cool idea. After hearing the songs, I thought it was an excellent idea.

John wrote all the songs (except one sweet a cappella arrangement of the Nields’ song “One Hundred Names”) and sang lead on all the tracks. He also played the piano, viola, and added some guitar on one song. I recorded him, mixed, and produced the album. I also performed the rest of the guitar tracks, the bass guitar, backing vocals, drums, some keyboards, and helped with the arrangements on lots of the songs. This is the first “official” release of an album recorded in my home studio.

We’re both super proud of this album.

He’s offering the full album as a free download from his website, and also has a few songs up on his myspace page. It will be up on iTunes in the near future as well.

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