is that ME in a palm ad??

i was just looking at the palm website to check out their stuff.;

on that ad page they have an interactive demo. on the “chat page”, one of the things you can do is view sample text messages. the top “+” sign brings up a popup. the guy in that photo looks EXACTLY like me. it’s got to be me!

here’s a photo, in case you can’t figure out the site. look at him! that is SO me! that’s my hair, my nose (though a tiny different?), my smile, my NECKLACE, and his name is “MIKE”, and he’s at an open mic. i mean, come on!! i’ve got to figure this out!!

mike in a palm ad


  1. maybe you’re crazy and we’re all just delusional. its okay though, this is part of the reason you’ve got so many followers. ^_^

  2. i’m not crazy! and i have followers? since when? 🙂

  3. dude, that is totally you! wow! kick ass! do you know of anybody that might have a picture of you posed like that – well, besides the PALM people? lol – it still rocks!

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