Entries from March 2008

New Release: John Armstrong Regan – “Ten for Ten”

March 28, 2008

A little over two years ago, my friend John told me about an album he wanted to record. He was writing ten songs for his wife, Danielle, and wanted me to help him record them as an anniversary gift. I thought it was a cool idea. After hearing the songs, I thought it was an […]

on power, spitzer and hookers.

March 21, 2008

so, if a “normal” hooker was caught “hooking”, as it were, i’m pretty sure she’d be charged with a crime, since as far as i know, prostitution is mostly illegal. right? if i get caught breaking an arbitrary and somewhat inocuous law like, say, exceeding a speed limit, i would likely get charged with a […]

is that ME in a palm ad??

March 20, 2008

i was just looking at the palm website to check out their stuff. http://www.palmcentro.com/flash/index.html?selectedflv=Chat&&cid=palmcentro_25503370; on that ad page they have an interactive demo. on the “chat page”, one of the things you can do is view sample text messages. the top “+” sign brings up a popup. the guy in that photo looks EXACTLY like […]

we come from the land of the ice and snow

March 3, 2008

bruce and i had a show up in amsterdam, ny this weekend.  it was Very cold out and snowing.  i don’t remember exactly how cold, but cold enough that we couldn’t get the lock on our trailer to open.  we went in and asked the owner of the place if he had a hammer or […]