video shoot(s)

after many many months of talking, a few aborted efforts, one live show, and at least 3 or 4 good HOURS of planning (ha!), the video shoot for “Tell Her I Love Her” is officially in the can. (and i mean that in the “it’s filmed” way, rather than the “it’s in the garbage” or “in the bathroom” ways. yup.) now we wait for the magic to happen as it’s edited and put together. i’m not sure how long that sort of magic takes…

we met up at the bayou cafe in albany friday night with our trusty film crew and the lovely amanda, the soon-to-be-star of our first music video. (we owe a big thanks to ralph at the bayou for letting us film in his great establishment, as well as for helping us find amanda!) it only took about 2 hours to get all the scenes done. it all at once felt like it went much faster and much more slowly, somehow.

saturday around 1pm we met up at bruce’s place to finish shooting some remaining footage. it once again all went way more smoothly than i could have predicted, and we even had time to get on the road “early” to syracuse for our show at coleman’s that night.

on the road in the pathfinder, through the blizzard we hit around the utica area, we finally got around to filming a few “episodes” of that game we came up with almost a year ago on tour around virginia beach. this game features mostly fig and bruce as they pit 2 hair metal musicians (and some more recent ones, too) up against each other in 5 categories. i’m still editing that footage, but that should be up on youtube soon! it’s way funnier than it sounds here, i’m sure. it’s got a tentative title of “Hairband Fistfight”. nice ring to that, right?

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