Nearing completion

So I’ve been sitting on the mixes for my new album for two weeks or so now, listening for things that still bother me, and getting feedback from some friends.  So far, the feedback has been good!

Of course, it would figure that now would be when Avid/Digidesign finally releases a version of Pro Tools (8.0.4)  that officially supports 64-bit Windows 7!  I’d been dual-booting back and forth, depending on the song, between the version (3.0.1) that was stable in 32-bit XP (which worked quite well, save for the songs with so many plugins that I would run out of RAM and Windows would crash), and the version (3.0.3 with beta 3.0.4 hardware drivers) that “mostly” worked okay in Win7x64, but would randomly freeze up on me, requiring a reboot.  Either option was a compromise at some level: limited RAM vs. instability. I’ve only done a couple of hours of work so far in the new version, but I’ve had no problems with it yet!  That’s a very good sign. It looks like Windows is still an important platform to Avid after all.

But the good news is that it’s looking more and more like this album is approaching “done”, and whatever changes I have left to make, I’ll be able to do them with far less drama (read: crashes) than before. This album would probably have been done months ago if the 64-bit Win7 support were out much sooner.

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