Entries from July 2010

iPhone wouldn’t sync to iPhoto – fix

July 23, 2010

I hadn’t been able to sync my iPhone 4 to iPhoto once since I got it. It would try, but then tell me it couldn’t read any of the files for some reason (which I forgot to note, but there was a specific reason). I found a fix, though: 1.  Go to user–>library–>caches–>com.apple.iPhoto–>Cache.db and trash […]

iPhone 4 and Zagg screen protector

July 22, 2010

I had to exchange my first iPhone 4 two weeks after getting it. The screen had a few scratches on it already, and the proximity sensor was a mess. I cheek-dialed, cheek-hung-up on calls, etc.  Luckily, Apple was good about swapping it out with no drama.  The replacement phone still has the proximity sensor issues, […]

Nearing completion

July 10, 2010

So I’ve been sitting on the mixes for my new album for two weeks or so now, listening for things that still bother me, and getting feedback from some friends.  So far, the feedback has been good! Of course, it would figure that now would be when Avid/Digidesign finally releases a version of Pro Tools […]

Counting to 10 in 10 languages

July 10, 2010

My new project for the summer: learning to count to 10 in (at least) 10 languages.  I’m up to 5 so far. English Spanish German French American Sign Language I thought it would be cool, if not useful, to be able to speak even a little bit in more than one or two languages. I […]