Goodbye, Pete.

I found out this morning that Peter Steele – the singer, songwriter, and bass player – for what was probably my favorite living band, Type O Negative, died last night.  He was just 48.  There’s one less musical genius on Earth now.

I got a chance to meet Pete and the guys several years ago at Saratoga Winners when a friend of mine brought me along when he was working as a roadie.  I think it was for the World Coming Down tour, maybe 1999.  I remember Pete carrying in some pumpkins for the stage, 2 large ones, one in each hand, in front of his chest.  As he walked in, he said something to the effect of “Ya like my new implants?”

A few years ago, I recorded an acoustic version of one of my favorite Type O Negative songs, “Die With Me”.  Give it a listen:

RIP, Pete. And thanks for all the music.

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