Quick update.  I’ve found myself using Twitter (which in turn updates my Facebook page) a whole lot lately, as it’s easier to write a 140-character “what I’m working on now” update than to write a full blog entry.  And more people tend to read Twitter and Facebook than my blog here.  But to recap, for those not on Twitter or whatever, I’m still working on this solo album!  I’ve got guitars recorded for just about 10 of the 12 songs now, and then it’s on to vocals from there. Still hoping to get this thing done and released before the end of ’09.

For the computer/recording geeks, I wound up setting up a dual-boot system on my PC, since Pro Tools is just not stable enough yet on 64-bit Windows 7.  I couldn’t handle the instability and the pops and clicks.  So I’m now using 32-bit XP for Pro Tools again and 64-bit Win7 for everything else, and it’s working out pretty good for me.  Only issue I’m having with XP is that it doesn’t seem to recognize more than 2.99GB of the 9GB of RAM installed now, and I use that up pretty quickly in some of these sessions with lots of plug-ins.  But for tracking, I just disable some of them and get by.  I haven’t even come close to maxing out the processing power, which is great. Official 64-bit PT support can’t come soon enough!

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