Drums halfway done now

On Sunday, I was down in Manhattan at Threshold Studios tracking drums with Mike Maenza and Tom Sposato.  Between them, we got 5 more songs’ drum parts recorded.  So that takes the tally up to 6 songs done now on drums: half way there!

Threshold is the studio where The X’s (Maenza’s old band) recorded their (awesome) album a couple years back.  Random tangent: For what it’s worth, I always dug Fuel and Brett’s voice singing with them, but I think the stuff he did with the X’s tops it in a lot of ways.  I was pretty surprised they didn’t take off more than they did.  Part of the draw was John Law’s songwriting (I think he was the main writer), but each of those guys definitely contributed in a big way to their sound.  It’s too bad they didn’t stick around longer.  Luckily, John’s new project Statues of Liberty is still rockin’ out (when he’s not on Fuse TV)!  And Brett got a really sweet gig singing with the freaking Doors, so he’s still doing real well, too.  So anyway, on Sunday, we worked with Alan at Threshold (who, it turns out, is a fellow Five Towns College alum) and the tracks sound great.

It was really cool jamming with Tom again, too.  It’d been a long time since we recorded together; I think the last time was like 12 years ago or so!  He’s still got a great feel.  One of the songs he played on was that old State of Nowhere tune “Too Many Reasons”.  SON released a pretty rough acoustic demo I did of the song at Five Towns as a student in some spare time, but this is the first time the song will sound close to the way we used to play it live, since we never did it in the studio.

One of the other drummers I was hoping to have on the record has unfortunately dropped off due to scheduling conflicts.  So I’ll have to pick someone else (or more likely two someone elses) to cover those songs.  Back to the drawing board there!

Oh, and no trip to NYC would be complete without getting at least a little bit lost.  I’m not sure how, but after the session, I wound up getting on the A train going north instead of south when I was trying to get from the studio back to Penn Station to then go back up to Albany on Amtrak!  I had a LOT of trouble finding the stupid subway entrance that would bring me back south, so I just wound up walking back to 42nd from 50th and trying again!  Talk about frustrating.  And people on the sidewalks in NYC walk way too slowly.  They’re buildings, people; stop gawking and keep walking!!


  1. I was disappointed that the X’s didn’t take off better than they did, too. But I am really excited to hear about your new tracks. Just don’t spend two years editing every little note. Get it done and get it out there! Put me down for five copies ASAP.

  2. Sounds Like a busy but good weekend regarding the drum tracks – shame one of them had to back out:(, pleased to read that the tracks sound great:).
    Yes, well on the way now- do hope it is finished by Christmas.
    Nice to see and play with people you have not seen for 12 years, must have been real good.
    Now as for getting lost – i am always getting lost- a journey with me would not be a journey without getting lost:).
    Do you know Amtrak deliver parcels in the U.K. – they brought my computer for me! and i am sory to say but if i had a trip to New York then i would be looking at the buildings, also i walk slowly -lol.
    However, i am so pleased the album is getting closer and closer to being complete:), just can’t wait for the finished album:).

  3. I’ll see what I can do! Once the drums are done, I still have a long way to go, so while a holiday release would be superb, don’t count on it. 🙂

    And Trish, I’ve seen Tom many times over the last 12 years, I just haven’t recorded with him in about that long! 🙂 But yeah, I’m disappointed that one guy won’t be playing on the songs, but it’s not the end of the world. I think I’ve found someone to replace him… I’ll post about it when everything’s confirmed!

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