Valerie Webb’s new song

A couple months ago, Valerie Webb (from the band Venomentality) contacted us (The Velmas) with an idea.  She’s putting together a portfolio for college (she’s only 16!) next year, and in general is trying new things and experimenting with her music.  She had this song called “All While Laughing” that she had recorded a quick acoustic demo for, and she wanted us to arrange it as we saw fit.  Then we’d record it in the studio as her backing band.  She sent us the tune, and we quite liked what we heard.

So, a rehearsal and a month or so later, this past Saturday we headed down to Coxsackie, NY (what a great name for a town, eh?) and laid down some tracks at Easter Island Studios with Chris Fisher.  Bruce and Fig rocked out their parts in no time, and then left the rest of the session to me and Val to finish up with Chris (who, incidentally, used to be in Conehead Buddha).  I did my guitar part, and Val did her guitar part.  She sang the lead vocals and I sang the harmonies I came up with.  We left with a really good-sounding rough mix.  Can’t wait to hear the final mix Chris comes up with.  The guy’s got a great ear and is super-fast in the studio (and I mean that in a good way).

Token photo:

The Velmas with Valerie Webb outside Easter Island Studios

The Velmas with Valerie Webb outside Easter Island Studios

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