What did you do to my tea?

Hard Rock Cafe - Hollywood, FL

So, there I was, in the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, FL, enjoying my Chicken and Steak Fajitas and cup of hot tea, and admiring the Memorabilia on the walls. I forget what brand it was, but it was pretty good tea. They had “Sugar in the Raw” and half & half, so I was good to go. I’d sipped my way down to the bottom third or so of the cup, and the tea was finally cool enough to drink without burning myself, but still warm enough to taste good – the best part of the cup.

I was engrossed in conversation when the waitress came over and refilled the coffee of someone else at my table. I barely caught her grab my cup on her way back to the kitchen… I was shocked and didn’t speak up right away since I didn’t want to be rude and didn’t quite know what to say immediately.

A minute later, she returned with what resembled my cup. But it looked disgusting. This waitress had taken it upon herself to refill my cup to the brim. I can only assume she thought she was helping. But she merely added hot water to my already perfectly-mixed perfect-temperature tea, leaving me with a watery mess of hot whatsit. When she put it down, I looked at her like she had 3 heads, and asked, “what did you do, add water? uh, can i have another bag?” She muttered something about how I could have used my old one, but then realized that I’d put it on a dirty plate she’d already cleared. So she begrudgingly brought me a new one.

Seriously, what is WRONG with people? Reusing a teabag is gross. At best, it’s been sitting cold on a saucer for 10 minutes, and at worst, it’s been sitting on a barely-cleaned table for 30 minutes among crumbs and discarded bits of whatever, and either way, all of the good stuff has already been brewed from it the first time. “Use just once and destroy.”

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