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More progress and Twitter

December 9, 2008

As of today, the 10 drum tracks I’ve got recorded so far are all comped and the songs are ready for more tracking.  Still waiting on one more drummer to track the last 2 songs, though.  But at least I can start on the bass guitar parts in earnest now, since the drum parts under […]

Some more drums comped and another bass track

November 12, 2008

Over the last few days, I’ve been putting together some more of the final drum comps so I can get to work on the bass guitar, and then the rest of the instruments for those songs.  Since we kept 3 or 4 full runs through each song, I had a lot of options, which is […]

Thoughts on recording guitar

October 21, 2008

So, I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m gonna do the guitars for this here thing.  Ideally, I’d record a mic’d up amp for all the guitars.  Unfortunately, that also means having space for an amp and a mic stand to be set up for an extended period of time for consistent sounds between […]

Four More Drum Tracks!

October 20, 2008

This is quite exciting.  I’ve now got all but two songs’ drum tracks recorded for the new album.  I went back down to Easter Island Studios in Coxsackie, NY (what a great town name!) on Sunday.  Rick Little (the drummer for Split 2nd Alibi) played on “Drive Me”, “Status Quo”, and “Without You”.  Chris Fisher […]

Another Bass Track

October 9, 2008

Over the weekend I was able to get a bass guitar part tracked for “Fish in the Sea”.  I also spent a little more time setting up mixes for each song I have begun so far, so the drums sound decent now, at least for working with them as I continue on this mad journey. […]

Lots to do

September 29, 2008

I finally got a chance last night to go through the drum sessions from NYC the other week and give them a listen.  When we were at the studio, we kept between 3 and 6 takes for each song.  For some songs, we tried a couple different tempos, and for others, Mike or Tom played […]

Drums halfway done now

September 8, 2008

On Sunday, I was down in Manhattan at Threshold Studios tracking drums with Mike Maenza and Tom Sposato.  Between them, we got 5 more songs’ drum parts recorded.  So that takes the tally up to 6 songs done now on drums: half way there! Threshold is the studio where The X’s (Maenza’s old band) recorded […]

Valerie Webb’s new song

September 1, 2008

A couple months ago, Valerie Webb (from the band Venomentality) contacted us (The Velmas) with an idea.  She’s putting together a portfolio for college (she’s only 16!) next year, and in general is trying new things and experimenting with her music.  She had this song called “All While Laughing” that she had recorded a quick […]

First drum tracks done!

August 6, 2008

For those keeping track (i.e. me), I’ve now rehearsed with four drummers for my new CD.  The newest addition is the multi-talented Melanie Krahmer from Sirsy.  She’s helping me out with drums on the song “Florida”.  You might recall that as one of the tracks on my second acoustic demo CD “Wrote Myself“.  Now I’m […]

Self-Duet: “Saw Red”

July 31, 2008

I played a duet last night with my favorite musician: me!   🙂 I’ve been listening to a lot of Sublime lately, and so decided to learn this song. Then I thought this would be a good tune to try this “self-accompanying” video idea out on (that I’ve been meaning to do for some time […]