Entries from August 2008

One down, too many to go

August 25, 2008

On vacation (“holiday” for you crazy Brits and Canadians out there) 2 weeks ago out in Chautauqua, I was able to write 4 new songs.  Just the music, no lyrics just yet, though I’ve at least got vocal melodies figured out for most of them. That’s easily one of my favorite things to do in […]

Managing my iPhone on two computers, at last!

August 20, 2008

I found this article, followed the steps, and voilà!  I can finally manage my music* on more than one computer.  It’s amazing that you’d have to go out of the way like this to do something so simple as using your device the way you want, but at least it works now.  Big kudos to […]

More Birds In More Places

August 18, 2008

Seagulls on a rock in the Niagara River in a familiar orientation…

For a good audio recording app…

August 17, 2008

I’m hoping someone will write a really good (free) audio recording app… I’m sure it can be done.  I tried a few free apps, including VoiceNotes, but none of them were quite up to snuff.  When I’m trying to record a new song idea, or something at a rehearsal, being limited to 2 minutes at […]

Sweet iPhone app: Simplify Media

August 17, 2008

So I found this iPhone app called Simplify Media.  It’s awesome.  Now, even though my phone only holds 16gb of stuff, I can play over the air any song I want to hear from my computer at home.  Granted, the audio quality isn’t quite as good as having the MP3 right there, and there’s a […]

One man’s loss…

August 7, 2008

That nefarious vending machine seems to have snared another unwitting victim today: This time, however, the victim was not me! I’d approached the sweets dispenser looking for something in “chocolate”.  Being presented with this scenario, my decision seemed to have been made for me.  Milky Way(s) it would be.  But how many would I get […]

First drum tracks done!

August 6, 2008

For those keeping track (i.e. me), I’ve now rehearsed with four drummers for my new CD.  The newest addition is the multi-talented Melanie Krahmer from Sirsy.  She’s helping me out with drums on the song “Florida”.  You might recall that as one of the tracks on my second acoustic demo CD “Wrote Myself“.  Now I’m […]