on power, spitzer and hookers.

by mike ~ March 21, 2008

so, if a “normal” hooker was caught “hooking”, as it were, i’m pretty sure she’d be charged with a crime, since as far as i know, prostitution is mostly illegal. right? if i get caught breaking an arbitrary and somewhat inocuous law like, say, exceeding a speed limit, i would likely get charged with a crime right there on the spot. but this spitzer chick, as far as i know, is still out there promoting her (pretty bad) dance music career and enjoying the press as she becomes something of a celebrity. and the law she broke strikes me as a “bigger” crime than driving fast, for example.

now, it’s less surprising that spitzer himself hasn’t been charged, since he has some political power and all that and probably worked out some deal with trading his position for not being charged, but how is it being justified that his lady-friend isn’t in any apparent trouble? and what about her escort service? it’s pretty clear that they are arranging hookers for people, so why aren’t they being shut down?

now, it’s not my business who pays who for “romantic encounters”, but this blatant disparity in the treatment and prosecution of very public crimes instills more than a little bit of doubt in the fairness of our justice system. and stuff.

/end of political rant

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