Butterflies Radio interview moved

by mike ~ June 6, 2012

My interview with Kiva at Butterflies Radio has been rescheduled to Monday, June 11, at 8pm. We’ll be discussing my new album, Blue Skies Black, as well as The Velmas and Above the Flood. She’ll also be spinning several songs from the new album!

You can listen free ANYWHERE on the internet right here:


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Status Quo

by mike ~ May 23, 2012

Check out track two — Status Quo — from Blue Skies Black!

Guest vocals on this song are by the amazing Phil Taylor from the bands Future Leaders of the World and Machina! He knocked this one out of the park and brought this song up several levels.

Drums on this song performed by the über-talented Ricky Little from Above The Flood.

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Interview with Butterflies Radio – June 7th @ 8pm

by mike ~ May 21, 2012

I just recorded an interview with Kiva at Butterflies Radio that’ll be airing on Thursday, June 7th at 8pm! Tune in then to check it out!

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There are good people out there.

by mike ~ May 15, 2012

When Above The Flood played at Limbo Bar in Gloversville over the weekend, I had the opportunity to chat with the club owner, Lori, for a while before the show.  She talked enthusiastically about both building up her club as a regional music venue and supporting the local/regional music scene at large; all genres, from metal to country, rock to folk, and beyond.  I mentioned to her that I’d just released and was trying to get the word out about a new album and gave her a CD to check out.  The next day, she sent me the following wonderful message:


Mike Grosshandler:

Thank You for the gift of the music CD “Blue Skies Black.”

A preface: Many bands and solo artists, representing many genres of music, have played my bar! The upside is exposure to new music, making new friends, and continuing to “support the scene.” The downside is, at times, I see the musicians, singers, etc., in a very specific light–there are the “metal” guys, and the “rock” guys, and the “acoustic” girls. Case in point: a guitar player for an extremely popular and important Upstate NY metal band laid down an acoustic set of all-original music as the opening act for a show we were hosting. I was, to say the very least, FLOORED by this young man’s musical gifts; the “light” switched in my brain, and I’m so very glad it did!

A talent: (I’ve seen you play as a member of The Velmas and Above The Flood; for the latter, I will again extend a hearty “Thank You!” to you and your band-mates for playing so many of the benefits in our community.) You are gifted in your songwriting, in your playing, in your singing, and in the collaborators you’ve chosen! The CD’s production quality is over-the-top amazing and professional! My two favorite songs are “Everything’s Fine” and “Too Many Reasons.” The latter is very much a mantra, an anthem, and let’s be honest, a song which needs to get on TouchTunes ASAP and downloaded and played! (Let’s be even more honest, ALL the songs need to be available on TouchTunes.) You have a voice and a gift which must be shared…

A request: Please keep us posted on gigs to support “Blue Skies Black.”

Again, thank you for the music!

Your new fan,

Lori Davis Hurley


If you want to meet a local business owner who is really working hard to make something real happen for herself and others in her community, stop by Limbo and say hi to Lori.

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Blue Skies Black now on bandcamp

by mike ~ May 7, 2012

Want to pick up a digital copy of Blue Skies Black in the lossless high-res FLAC format?  Yep, you can do that now.  Or get it in one of many other formats, including MP3, OGG, and others, on bandcamp, for less than it costs on iTunes:


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Paragon Music Magazine Interview

by mike ~ April 11, 2012

I recently did an interview with the guys from Paragon Music Magazine and talked about Blue Skies Black and being an independent artist. Check it out!


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Leicester Bangs Review

by mike ~ April 6, 2012

Got a nice writeup from Leicester Bangs in the UK:

“For “Blues Skies Black”, Grosshandler has upped the ante. Written and recorded over a three year period, “Blues Skies Black” is an ambitious collection of post-grunge, alt. rock, singer-songwriter fare. I know that’s a bit of a mouthful, but that’s what it is. Grosshandler possesses a fine, adaptable voice that somehow brings to mind both Roger McGuinn and Bill Janovitz, and there’s no shortage of great tracks. In particular the title piece, where an epic riff collides with a big tune, the sort of thing that lodges in the frontal lobe and refuses to leave quietly. Add to that a song that you’ll find yourself mouthing the words to at inopportune moments, and someone will probably end up suing him for embarrassment caused. Of course, it’s by no means the only outstanding track, and it would be utterly callous to sign off this review without mentioning the sub-aqua joys of “Fish in the Sea”, the unruffled guitars of “Everything’s Fine” or the astute, gentle poptones of “Drops”.”

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HOOAH!!!! Radio

by mike ~ March 25, 2012

The great folks over at HOOAH!!!! Radio have added all of Blue Skies Black (the album!) to their rotation, so tune in some time and check them out!  They’re supporting our troops AND independent music!  HOOAH!

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Butterflies Radio

by mike ~ March 25, 2012

Check out Butterflies Radio out of South Florida and Perth, Australia – they recently added my song Blue Skies Black to their rotation.  Support independent music and those who support it!

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The Book House

by mike ~ March 9, 2012

Albany folks, you can now buy Blue Skies Black at the Book House in Stuyvesant Plaza! Support local music AND local businesses!

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